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About Us

It all started back in 2011. Two fresh faced 17 year-olds met for the first time and an instant bond and friendship commenced. I am of course talking about when myself and Joe met when working for Sports brand Adidas. I say ‘working’ but in all honesty work was normally the last thing on our minds whilst out on the shop floor! We’d spend hours testing each other on our sporting knowledge, each trying to make the other squirm with frustration of not getting the question correct, after all it was a great way to pass the time and make the job less mind numbing. However, not only did it pass the time, as daft as it sounds it actually increased our knowhow of sports general knowledge and the garments our heroes (or villains) wore on a weekly basis.

Many young people spend their late teens and early twenties working weekends to fund their studies (drinking sessions), whilst at University and myself and Joe were no different. But, through what seemed at the time like just a stop gap until we graduated from Uni, actually acted as the ‘big bang theory’ that lead to the creation of EGO Inspired Sports.

With an undeniable passion for sport and nine years’ experience in sports retail between us, as well as Joe’s degree in Sports Coaching and experience working in procurement and my degree in Sports Marketing, Masters degree in Sports Journalism and experience working in communications, creating our own platform to sell sportswear seemed like a good idea.

Let me tell you right now, if it wasn’t for that passion for sport and a very good friendship, our vision to create EGO Inspired Sports would have failed a long time ago. Anyone who tells you setting up your own business is easy has either been extremely fortunate or is a complete and utter liar! (My money would be on the latter).

Anyways, after several years of becoming an established business seller on eBay, we knew it was time to take our business to the next level… enter We specialise in selling football shirts, American football jerseys and basketball jerseys but with new stock being added regularly, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something no matter your size, sport or budget!

So, on behalf of myself and Joe I’d like to thank all our friends and family who stuck by us, pitching in by helping transport stock, allowing us to store boxes upon boxes in spare rooms and on landings, helping build and set up an office and warehouse, helping dispatch orders on mad post office runs and for putting up with our moodiness after we’d been up until unearthly hours processing and listing stock.

Most of all though, we’d like to thank YOU! Our customers, whether you be first time buyers or have followed us over from those early days selling on eBay.

Hopefully after reading this you can appreciate just how much work, blood, sweat and tears have gone into getting us where we are today and we thank you for all your continued support!


Tommy - Director